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Meet customers’ omni-channel expectations


CHALLENGE: Customers expect to engage with your organization at any time, from any place, across any channel and device.

SOLUTION: storm converges channels such as SMS, WebRTC, email, video, voice, social media and web chat into a single blended queue. Intelligent automation combines with live agent communications to connect customers to the information they need, whenever they want – and the cloud model is location-agnostic.

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Deliver consistently excellent service


CHALLENGE: Customers demand consistent service levels, whether automated or human – and wherever your physical contact centers are sited.

SOLUTION: Through the storm Customer Engagement Hub, agents access all forms of communication and omni-channel interaction logs in a centralized web portal. All agents can log into the same service from any location, enabling you to manage globally-distributed contact centers as a single site.

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Personalize every interaction


CHALLENGE: Even for automated enquiries, customers now demand a more human, personalized experience.

SOLUTION: storm integrates with numerous AI (Artificial Intelligence) platforms through its brain® counterpart, responding intelligently to any concurrent scale of inquiries and making informed routing decisions. Machine-learning uses feedback loops to continually improve customer service.

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Your customers now expect to be able to get in touch with businesses in the same way as they would contact their friends and family, in the most convenient way possible. They look for a choice of channels that they can access from anywhere, at any time.

storm delivers a true omni-channel experience for your customers and colleagues, enabling engagement across web chat, email, SMS, video, WebRTC, social media, voice and more. All channels seamlessly interoperate with information systems to create comprehensive 360-degree views of every consumer, helping you to deliver the best possible customer journey.

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storm DTA

The storm DTA®, the omni-channel agent interface and converged information desktop

Travis Perkins is a leading builders’ merchant and home improvement retailers. Its geographically-disparate contact centers are responsible for managing 18 brands across 19 businesses. Previously its premises-based infrastructure led to each contact center being isolated, with differently-skilled agents at disparate locations.

storm unified Travis Perkins’s contact estate through the cloud, creating a centrally-managed contact center. Through intelligent contact routing, customers are connected to local account owners, which helps Travis Perkins to build trust and increase customer engagement.

KPN partners with Content Guru to deliver transformational storm cloud contact center solutions throughout the Benelux region. The partnership sees close collaboration in roadmap development and the delivery of new communications technologies across the customer base.

As a true cloud platform, storm is centrally-updated, and Content Guru’s dedicated R&D department constantly incorporates new capabilities into the platform, such as integration with Skype for Business, AI platforms and WebRTC.