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Cut costs by updating your comms in stages

CHALLENGE: Stringent budgets coupled with ever-increasing student demands can make it difficult to deliver great service. Your communications infrastructure may be out of date, but is too expensive to rip-and-replace.

SOLUTION: storm adds value to legacy systems, moving communications to the cloud to create greater flexibility, versatility and mobility.

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Put data at the heart of student comms

CHALLENGE: Isolated student and staff data creates manual and inefficient internal processes. Students demand personalized and rapid service, without having to repeat their information.

SOLUTION: Unburden your staff from repetitive data retrieval and personalize student interactions by unifying all data from disparate sites in the cloud.

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Scale to handle huge spikes in demand

CHALLENGE: Results day creates an enormous influx in contact, with prospective students eager for vital information about their study placements.

SOLUTION: storm platform reduces costs by operating on a pay-per-usage basis for large cloud capacity, as and when it is required at peak times.

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Educational institutions are facing ever-increasing demands from students and staff to improve services within ever-decreasing budgets. Existing communications infrastructures are typically limited and information isolated, creating widespread inefficiency and long, manual processes to handle interactions effectively. Spikes in contact surrounding results days put even more pressure on communications, but without the right tools to service an increased number of contacts, how does higher education cope?

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King’s College London has an international reputation for academic excellence. Ten students apply for every available place, with those who fail to achieve their predicted results creating space for other candidates. On A level results day, the university is inundated with calls from students eager to find out whether they have secured their conditional offers and accommodation, or if they can qualify through Clearing. King’s could comfortably meet demand throughout the rest of the year, but became overwhelmed at peak times, unable to provide all applicants with a prompt and professional response.

storm® implemented intelligent Automated Contact Distribution (iACD) to route callers to the correct agent, enabling administrators to monitor and analyse all real-time and historical call data. The platform scales to handle the enormous demand in contact on A level results day, with King’s only paying for the surplus used.

“A level results day represents our contact center’s busiest time in the academic calendar. We can receive up to a thousand student enquiries within the space of an hour, which in a typical year outstrips the capabilities of our on-premise infrastructure. In 2014, storm helped us to better meet this challenge. Its effectively unlimited capacity for contact handling, with vast numbers of simultaneous enquiries queued in the cloud, enabled us to automatically scale up our contact center’s capacity and address the excess traffic. Furthermore, the university only paid for the actual capacity it used; we were thus able to respond to 99% of enquiries whilst comfortably staying within budget.”

Barry Malet, Project Manager, King’s College London

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