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Housing Event 2019

Earlier this year, Content Guru showcased the cloud-based capabilities of its omni-channel storm® platform at Future of Housing 2019.

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Innovate to transform tenant experiences

CHALLENGE: You must provide the most innovative solutions for tenants, implementing new strategies such as co-ordinated emergency communications and enhanced tenant security, whilst also guaranteeing safety and high living standards

SOLUTION: storm integrates emergency communications into your existing infrastructure, sending proactive alerts to tenants in times of emergency or major maintenance issues and scaling to handle any level of tenant contact

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Integrate with HMS and CRM to connect your information estate

CHALLENGE: Consolidations are now commonplace, but with only a ‘voluntary code’ to follow, Housing Associations and tenants are likely to suffer an unprecedented upheaval – and combining disparate systems and practices is a major challenge

SOLUTION: storm overlays existing information systems, such as HMS and CRM, creating a multi-channel Citizen Engagement Hub™ – communications-enable your estate through integration between all data and channels

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Connect with tenants any time, any place, any how

CHALLENGE: Your organization must be available to help tenants anytime, anywhere, and via any channel – contact center agents are required to deal with mission-critical and complex enquiries, while generic requests and rent payments cause delays in tenants receiving vital support

SOLUTION: storm enables residents to self-serve when booking appointments, viewing documents and searching communication history, via any device, anytime

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storm® offers a full spectrum of multi-channel communications to transform the way that housing associations interact with their tenants

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PCI-Compliant Rent Collections: PCI-secure payments are processed through a flexible combination of human and automated services. Strain on rent collection is eased as tenants pay rent via PCI-compliant dialler-equipped collection services.

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Self Service User Portals: Enable total mobility with flexible practices for staff and enhanced services for tenants. Self-service portals allow tenants to book appointments, view documents and search communication history, via any device, anytime.

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Tenant Surveying: Actively using tenant feedback gathered through storm ASK, your association receives vital information, reacts dynamically to tenant requests and develops a sustainable digital community for residents.

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Automated Repair Booking: Tenant communications are integrated with maintenance teams to effectively triage issues and reduce unnecessary callback. Repairs can be filed 24/7, with automated follow-up reminders sent via email and SMS.