Modernize your contact center without compromising on regulation compliance


CHALLENGE: Increasingly stringent regulations and security concerns force you to be especially careful handling sensitive data, meaning that agents and self-service applications must adhere to strict rules and permissions for information access.

SOLUTION: The platform’s ISO27001 accreditation and Level 1 PCI DSS accreditation ensure that every transaction or exchange of data is made in complete security, while following relevant regulations.

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Enhance accuracy and efficiency while creating joined-up ICT estates


CHALLENGE: Within the Insurance industry, legacy estates comprising multiple disparate systems for information and communication, meaning contact center data requires organisation consolidation.

SOLUTION: storm brings sprawling ICT estates into one single environment, through its unlimited scope for integration. This allows data and processes to work as a cohesive entity, rather than a disconnected estate.

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Make your customer experience stand out from the crowd


CHALLENGE: No matter how good your contact center agents and platform are, customers now demand an always-available service, and organisations which are unable to provide this will lose out.

SOLUTION: storm brings an omni-channel contact centre environment together into a single, blended queue, ensuring that customers are always in touch with the right information as quickly as possible, whether they are looking for policy information, claims advice, or anything else.

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storm® gives insurance providers an intuitive single environment where every communication channel is processed in a single, blended queue, contributing to a slick and seamless customer journey and consistently excellent service.

The storm DTA® (Desktop Task Assistant®) facilitates multi-channel & customer information handling, enabling agents to effectively respond to customer enquiries with consistent information; one of the world’s leading insurance providers uses a multi-channel, multi-country storm cloud contact center solution with agents on the DTA.

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Technology is evolving at a rapid rate within the communications sector, and insurance companies must leverage the opportunity to adapt new solutions to cater to consumers’ changing behaviors.

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, intelligent automation, and advances such as driverless cars and telematics, insurers must position themselves at the forefront of this wave of change, ensuring that they are responding to developing challenges as well as passing on key benefits of technology to customers.

In every industry, customers are expecting more and more of the organisations they interact with. They expect information to be available instantaneously, and business to offer communications across any possible channel, at any time of day. When they engage with insurers, they expect that agents will be on-hand to deliver intelligent advice, rather than simply regurgitating stock answers and policy information. As such, high-quality customer service and watertight security measures must be prioritised within an industry as competitive as insurance.

“Significant social, technological, economic, environmental, and political forces are reshaping the needs and expectations of insurance buyers, as well as the business environment in which insurance providers operate.”

Top Issues Annual Report, Insurance, PWC, Volume 9, 2017 operate.

Salesforce Integration Screenshot
A world-leading insurance provider utilizes this Salesforce integration to ensure that its Italian and English agents can more effectively respond to customer enquiries

Insurance providers must now implement an always-on, multi-channel Customer Engagement Hub to manage every enquiry across their consumer base, serving every contact across every form of media with a consistent level of excellence, whether automated or human.

storm® is a multi-award winning cloud Customer Engagement platform, which transforms the way major insurance providers engage with their consumers across the globe . It delivers an omni-channel blend of automated and live contact center capabilities, enabling consumers to get in touch with organizations at any time, from any place and on any device, and be rapidly connected to the data they need, whether that be policy information, claims advice, or anything else. storm is used by one of the world’s largest multi-national insurance providers to effectively triage contact by selecting the most appropriate agent or automated resource to deal with the request. As a result, the platform further increased agent efficiency while driving up customer satisfaction.