Engage with citizens at any time, from any place, on any channel or device

CHALLENGE: Citizens now expect to be able to get in touch with public sector organisations in the same way as they would contact anyone else, via a choice of channels that they can access from anywhere and at any time

SOLUTION: storm can overlay existing infrastructure, creating a cloud-based multi-channel Citizen Engagement Hub™ – optimize relationships with your citizens through comprehensive case management and secure payments

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Angry man on laptop

Effectively manage citizen journeys and optimise their experience

CHALLENGE: When citizens get in touch multiple times about the same issue, this can be a sign that they are not yet satisfied with the information they have received

SOLUTION: storm’s powerful case management capabilities mean than when a citizen interacts with you, no matter what channel they are using, their personal details and contact history are instantly available and the agent will have an instant understanding of their frustration

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Self service tablet

Implement effective omni-channel self-service to relieve the burden on agents

CHALLENGE: Your citizens are increasingly independent and look to do a number of different things, such as make payments and sign up for services, on their own terms

SOLUTION: storm integrates with a number of third-party systems that can process citizen information, as well as offering online and automated payments and self-service options

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storm® offers transformational benefits for any size of Public Sector body, from the comprehensive, multi-channel Citizen Engagement Hub, to rapidly-deployable, flexible point requirements including mass surveying tools or intelligent contact routing.

Content Guru Public Sector Clients

Citizen expectations are constantly evolving. In their private lives, they have instant access to information whenever, whenever and however they want. As a result, they are increasingly expecting similar levels of service from public sector bodies, including local councils and major central government organisations. Failure to meet these expectations can lead to disruptive citizen frustration. The storm platform is able to tie citizen and case management together with the advanced communications integration capabilities of the storm platform to form the end-to-end, fully-integrated, multi-channel Citizen Engagement Hub.

Content Guru works with a range of major partners, including Serco and Northgate Public Services, in order to deliver a wide range of end-to-end solutions, as well as services to meet point requirements for some of the world’s largest Public Sector bodies. This has included full contact center deployments for Down District Council and St Albans City & District Council, as well as the rapid deployment of PCI-DSS compliant payment processing services for one of the UK’s largest city councils.

“Councils require us to deliver a wide range of cutting-edge technology within a very tight budget and timescale. Thanks to storm’s modular, pay-as-you-go approach, we are able to deliver market-leading technologies to organisations on a timescale to suit all budgets, while the service builder helps us to deliver projects at an unrivalled speed.

“With each new successful deployment, we find a new use for storm, and as the platform adapts to stay ahead of the market we’re excited to see what the future holds both for the platform and for Northgate Public Services.”

Andrew Morris, Head of Customer Services and Service Management, Northgate Public Services