Lightning Strike

Scale your contact center to handle any spike in demand

CHALLENGE: During outages, your contact centers are overwhelmed with questions about power status, preventing other enquiries from being handled

SOLUTION: storm instantly scales to handle any concurrent demand across every channel of communication, connecting customers to intelligent automated responses which can provide power information in real time. This frees up resources for other, more complex inquiries, such as paying bills with live agent assistance.

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Electricity Pylon

Aid vulnerable customers through proactive multi-channel alerts

CHALLENGE: Your customers depend on continued power supplies with some having life-critical dependencies. But disruptions to supplies are unavoidable

SOLUTION: storm delivers proactive multi-channel notifications in the event of a power outage, ensuring that older people can receive an automated voice call to provide more comfort, and that others might receive an SMS. Emergency messages can be instantly sent to carers of priority customers to ensure that support is given in an appropriate timeframe.

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Smart Home control panel

Embrace IoT devices such as smart meters to transform customer experience

CHALLENGE: Your customers are always looking for the latest technologies that can help them to save money and monitor their energy usage

SOLUTION: storm integrates with smart meters and delivers a breadth of communication and monitoring services, through proactive SMS sent to consumers when power thresholds are exceeded, through to comprehensive real-time and historical monitoring dashboards.

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storm® is the communications platform of choice for the utilities sector.

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Content Guru Utilities Clients

UK Power Networks is the UK’s largest electricity distributor, delivering power to 8 million businesses & residential homes, equating to 20 million people.

When its network faces disruptions, UK Power Networks faces huge volumes of concurrent demand from its customers as they try to find out when power will be restored. During these periods, storm automatically scales to handle levels of demand 1,000%+ higher than normal, automating 93% of these.

storm also integrates with ENMAC (Electricity Network Monitoring and Control), automatically feeding real-time power information through to customers.

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UK Power Networks automates 93% of inquiries at peak times, freeing up agents for more complex interactions

storm VIEW Screenshot

storm VIEW™ is Content Guru’s holistic reporting package, covering real-time and historical reports across storm and third-party data; UK Power Networks uses VIEW to unify five distinct data sources

storm interfaces with hundreds of third-party systems, applications and databases, including Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as smart meters. Through feeding real-time and historical information into the platform, storm can distribute alerts on relevant channels when configurable thresholds are met – such as excessive power usage within a 24-hour period.

Data can also be fed into the holistic real-time and historical reporting, VIEW™, which converges multiple sources of third-party and storm information within a single environment, providing enhanced monitoring capabilities.

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Scottish Power (SP) delivers energy to some of the most weather-stricken areas of the UK, which are subject to frequent disruptions. SP uses storm to respond to 98% of inquiries on average, while leveraging proactive communications to keep its customers up-to-date.

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Scottish Power uses storm to respond to 98% of enquiries on average