Data should be at the heart of every interaction. Agent and customer journeys rely on data to thrive, driving personalization and intelligent automation. Eliminate inefficient technology siloes and unify your existing systems and databases in a single platform.

Organizations hold enormous amounts of data on every customer. This includes past interactions across multiple channels, consumer behavior and purchase history, often held in disparate systems and databases. These data siloes make it difficult to effectively analyze information and enhance customer interactions, and must be eliminated to create a single, unified view of the customer.

Equipped with a single view of the customer, and effective analysis of their data, agents can personalize interactions and offerings to increase the likelihood of customer engagement, at times when they will be the most responsive. The power lies with the customer’s needs and behaviors, and they must be able to contact an organisation through their preferred channel, from any device, whenever they desire.

storm® INTEGRATE enables organizations to interweave internal infrastructure with customer care, effectively using big data to drive business decisions and ensure that data remains secure. This ensures that agents have all necessary information to hand, providing the best possible customer service. Learn how Content Guru used integrations to improve the NHS 111 service in London.

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