storm® combines Workforce Optimization (WFO) capabilities with multi-channel contact handling to optimize how you manage customer engagement, either through simple inbuilt scheduling or through seamless integration with a number of market-leading providers of WFO, WFM and QM solutions such as Verint and Teleopti.

storm scheduling screenshot
storm CONTACT:WFM, a fully-integrated scheduling module within the storm management suite, enabling powerful shift management

Workforce Optimization Integrations

Workforce Optimization is an essential part of the Customer Engagement Hub, with features such as Workforce Management (WFM), Quality Management (QM), and analytics holding the key to insights about how your staff are working, as well as what your customers are saying.

storm’s in-house WFO solution sits within the CONTACT™ suite, and offers lightweight scheduling capabilities for contact centers of any size within the DTA® (Desktop Task Assistant). storm’s custom APIs mean that it can also seamlessly integrate with third-party systems, enabling you to choose a market leader in WFO that works alongside your customized storm solution.

Verint Screenshot

Verint users managing analytics services, connected to the storm platform via integration

storm can integrate with Teleopti’s powerful cloud-based Workforce Management solution to transform how businesses manage their dynamic workforce, including features such as forecasting and agent scheduling.

Verint’s suite of products also integrate into the storm platform, automating the flow of information from storm into Verint’s back-end WFO and analytics systems. Verint can capture and analyze interactions across any channel, providing crucial insights for supervisors to optimize the Customer Engagement Hub and ensure that agents are complying with regulations.

A leading global insurance provider uses a storm and Verint integration, enabling it to optimize the effectiveness of its agents across a number of different departments, sites and countries.